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Introducing a New Season: Techniques with Toys

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Surprisingly simple ways to get more joys from your toys, solo and together, from the insights of 20,000 women.

“I learned so much - and it felt like sitting with wine and a group of funny women, sharing the stuff no one talks about.”

Ana, 41

“I had no idea there were so many ways I could use the toy I had”

Stacey, 32

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In 80 videos and 81 interactive graphics, discover all that feels good and how to make it happen with any toy, solo or together.

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Find Your New Favorite Toy Techniques, Solo and Together, With Any and All Toys.

(many didn’t even have names before our research!)


Vibrating through cloth


Vibrating from a distance


Cooling down for pleasure


Pleasure in tubs and showers

Grinding on Toys

Moving against the toy


Pressing below the belly


Pleasure on the way out


Add vibration to anything


Pushing on the walls


Fullness and stretch


Wearing toys under clothes

Mode Play

Built-in vibration modes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! We show options for a bunch of different types. Even if you don’t own any toys from a store, there are plenty of household objects you can use instead.

Hey, you’re in good company. Lots of people feel overwhelmed by the big wide world of sex toys. Season 3 is for everyone, including those who are new to all this. Several of the women in our videos once felt intimidated by toys. They even talk about it!

Each technique applies whether you’re partnered or flying solo. Whatever you can do to yourself, you can do to or with a partner! We also specifically included ways that toys can please both partners at once.

Ah, the squirmies. We’ve all been there.

Here are some great ways to bring it up: Try, “I came across this site that talks about toy techniques, want to look at it with me?” Or: “There’s new research about the ways people use sex toys, how about that?” Or: “Remember how you found my rabbit that time? I just read about a fun way that couples can use it.” You get the idea. Use us as a conversation starter and frame it as a way to explore something new together.

Fun Fact: Our research shows that women who give specific details about what makes sex more pleasurable for them are eight times more likely to be happier in their relationships and six times more likely to be sexually satisfied.

OMGYES users asked for it! There’s a lot of info out there on which toys to buy, but not much on the many ways to use them. We get super specific on how to try 12 newly named techniques, from Levering to Wrapping to Girthing.

We don’t. Also: There are no sponsors or product placements. The women in our videos demonstrate techniques using their own toys.

The experiences of 20,000 women! In partnership with Indiana University researchers, we surveyed them for the world’s largest ever scientific research study into the specific ways women and their partners use sex toys.

People have discovered maybe one or two techniques each in private, but no one has ever gathered them all in one place and given them names. Season 3 organizes new techniques from tens of thousands of people and provides detailed instructions for how to try them.