Gifting Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of women are buying it for their friends. Partners buy it for each other. It's a pretty great secret santa gift. Some are even getting OMGYES for their families, which we think is awesome.

It’s kind of like giving someone a gift card or a gift certificate. When you give someone OMGYES, you’re giving them access to episodes packed with insights and inspiration - distilled from the wisdom of over 20,000 women. Videos and touchable simulations that break down the specific different ways women find and enhance pleasure.

Great for women, men and couples.

You can have a gift certificate emailed to you, that you can print out and give in person, send by snail mail, or you could just forward them the gift certificate by email. Or you can choose to have us email them the gift certificate on a certain day.

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You just check the box marked ‘print out gift certificate to send by snail mail or give in person.’ Then we’ll email you the gift certificate and you can print it out and send it to them.

Absolutely not - sending OMGYES as a gift does not add the recipient to a marketing mailing list. We pride ourselves in never sharing user’s emails with anyone, ever.

Yes - they absolutely must be over 18. OMGYES has age-restricted content that is for adults only. It is a breach of our terms and conditions to give access to OMGYES to anyone under 18 and is grounds for termination of the account without a refund.