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Brand new research into the many pleasures of inner stimulation. Solo and with partners. With fingers, penises and toys, oh my!

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You’ll explore newly uncovered ways to increase pleasure with internal stimulation and penetration.

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  • Designed for women, men and couples

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Topics You'll Explore:

Topics You'll Explore:

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The joys of touch just inside the opening

90% of women love touch just at the entrance to the vagina. It’s easy to rush past this area or see it as just a place to tease—but when you explore the techniques that focus there, you’ll find it’s jam packed with pleasurable nerves.




Giving the clitoris extra pleasure during penetration

4x as many women orgasm when there’s a finger or vibrator on the clitoris at the same time as penetration. There’s a whole set of 4x better positions and orientations that ‘make room’ for this extra clitoral stimulation.




Adjusting the angle of penetration for more pleasure

We all sort of know that moving our hips changes how penetration feels. But really knowing which hip angles change what parts get pressure and why - that’s powerful. It gives us more options and more control over the pleasure.




Sustaining contact and pressure during penetration

In-and-out penetration is kind of like arriving to a party and then immediately leaving, over and over again. What can be even more pleasurable is when the penis, finger, or toy remains inside and rocks or grinds without pulling out or breaking contact. So the pleasure can build from uninterrupted stimulation.




Wider pressure and grinding to activate the entire clitoris

87% of women get special pleasure from a broad surface. When the pressure is spread out, no single area gets overstimulated and the entire pleasure neighborhood gets stimulated: the vulva and clit, of course, but also the deeper clitoral structure you can’t see.




Finding new kinds of pleasure behind the walls

The ‘G-Spot’ isn’t a spot. And touch there doesn't usually feel good at first. Our new research paints a clearer picture about the ways women and their partners actually find and get pleasure from G-Regions.




Activating the body’s muscles to heighten pleasure

We all know orgasms make our muscles contract. But our research reveals that it’s a two-way relationship: women have discovered ways of tensing certain muscles in patterns to jumpstart, intensify or extend orgasms. Who knew?




Using your lungs as a sex organ

One of the most surprising findings in our research was just how much breathing patterns can affect pleasure. Women can control when orgasms happen, can make orgasms more intense and can tune out distracting thoughts, all with specific breathing techniques.




Making touch newly pleasurable, over and over

You know how the moments when you first sink into a warm bath are often the best part? That same principle applies to sexual pleasure. Women have discovered ingenious ways of extending and repeating the intensity of that early touch.




More pleasure through stretch & fullness

Pushing against or gently stretching the inside walls of the vagina can give a gratifying feeling of fullness, like a hug on the inside. You’ll explore the many creative ways to get that feeling with fingers, toys and penises.




Practical insights about a misunderstood topic

Squirting is not an orgasm. It’s rare that it happens at the same time as an orgasm. But for many women, it’s a really satisfying release. We’re pleased to present the first-ever large-scale research on this often misunderstood topic. Explore the shared stages and types of techniques women have discovered.




Whole-body pleasure from the far reaches of the vagina

Many women have discovered pleasure from certain areas in the back wall of the vagina. Some report reaching a unique kind of overtaking orgasm like a huge tension release deep in the gut. Explore the specific areas, motions and strategies.


The more you know, the better it gets.

Get more understanding, more pleasure and tools for even happier relationships.

The more you know, the better it gets.

Get more understanding, more pleasure and tools for even happier relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We received lots of emails asking for techniques specifically for couples so Season 2 provides lots of those, in addition to techniques for solo-explorers.

Season 1 was mostly about external, finger on clitoris techniques. Season 2: The Inner Pleasure Collection is mostly about techniques for inner stimulation and penetration with fingers, penises and toys.

Season 2 has twice as many videos as Season 1 did, which means more diverse perspectives, and demonstrations of more variations for each technique.

And Season 1 had interactive touchable simulations, which really don’t work for internal techniques! So, instead, there are beautiful animated drawings to reveal what’s happening inside.

Great question! As you can imagine, it can be hard to see what is happening inside. So we developed lots of animations and graphics that go alongside the videos to make the techniques crystal clear. These are mostly line-art and aren’t photo-real or interactive the way Season 1 simulations were.

The techniques and concepts work whether the person doing the touching uses fingers, a penis or a toy. The techniques are shown in videos using toys and fingers.

Some people have binged all of OMGYES in a weekend. But we recommend going through one topic per week, so you can really have time to explore and apply it all.

It’s great as together-time for a couple or for a group of friends — like watching a tv-show together and chatting about it after.

We listened to lots of OMGYES users to find the sweet spot of being in-depth but not too long —something fun you look forward to, not a task. It turns out shorter videos are better than long ones. So we try to keep each video to under 4 minutes.

Any purchase on OMGYES is a one-time charge. There are no subscriptions, so no need to ever cancel anything. You make a one-time payment for a collection of OMGYES content and it’s yours forever to access as much as you want. And your contribution helps fund the next waves of research on sexual pleasure.

Yes. OMGYES is for anybody who cares about women’s sexual pleasure and wants to explore it even more. Both women and men use the site. Some use it alone, some use it together as a couple.

The women on OMGYES are regular people, not actors, who thought this information was important and courageously put themselves out there to benefit others. Their professions include literature professor, farmer, librarian, nurse, musician, biologist, student, teacher, surgeon, and more. They range in age from 20’s to 70’s and are from countries around the world.

When we put out a call for participants to appear on the site we get thousands of applicants. Our production team chooses diverse, fun, relatable people who have personally had the breakthrough insights revealed by our research.

More research! And more people benefiting from it! Governments and corporations don’t think pleasure is important so they won’t fund research about it. But when all of us pool together, we can. With your contribution, we’re making a free-to-access site of research and content about ways to re-find pleasure after trauma/abuse. At the same time, we’re making Season 3 about techniques with toys, and an entire series of seasons on men’s pleasure. There are lots more in the works, too, including how pleasure changes with menopause, trans pleasure and more.

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