The OMGYES Effect

Scientists at Indiana University School of Medicine gave OMGYES to 1,000 people, ages 18-84, to see how it affected them. Here’s what they found:

Lots more about this study coming soon.

In 2018, our scientists had 1,000 participants complete a study to compare their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors before using OMGYES and 4-weeks after. Participants were all English-speaking, ages 18-84, living in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. They included single and partnered women, men who are partnered with women, as well as couples using the site together.

Interestingly, we found significant positive ripple effects from using OMGYES into nonsexual parts of life like self-confidence, optimism, empathy and speaking up and sharing ideas more in work, school, social, family and relationship situations. Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine, UC Davis and Willamette University are still analyzing that data and expect to publish the paper this year.