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“Going through [the OMGYES site], we were both surprised to discover new motions and pressures that feel good now that aren’t the same as what I liked ten years ago. Now I love doing things I wouldn’t have thought to try.”

Katie, 44

“I’ve read so many books … but never had any idea how they applied to MY body. This site is real, and each technique is something I now totally understand and use.”

Aurora, 29

It feels genuinely engaging. There’s no judgement or shame, just straight up information.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Gosh, we really hope nobody died.

We’re not claiming to be experts — we believe that the collective wisdom of thousands is stronger than any one person's opinion.

We are, however, the first and only ones conducting large-scale, nationally representative scientific research about the specific ways women have discovered that increase their pleasure. The techniques on the site come directly from this research with over 20,000 women.

Almost all the techniques could be done solo or by a partner.

Of the 750,000 OMGYES users, there are lots who use it solo. Lots who use it alone first, to find the sections they want to show their partner, then look at those together. Lots look at the site together with a partner as a framework to explore and get curious together.

Some people have binged all of OMGYES in a weekend. But we recommend going through one topic per week, 10 minutes at a time, so you have time to try each thing and reflect on it.

We listened to lots of OMGYES users to find the sweet spot of being in-depth but not too long--something fun you look forward to, not a task. It turns out shorter videos are better than long ones. So we try to keep each video to under 4 minutes.

We are engineers, educators, researchers, and filmmakers who, frankly, wanted this information for ourselves. We couldn’t find it and decided it needed to exist. We left our other jobs and have had a wild ride ever since. Read more about us and why we made it.

OMGYES isn’t about the basics. Most of the techniques and ways to intensify pleasure that we’re presenting had literally never been researched before. You’ll explore new things to try, new perspectives on things you do already, and get more tools for your toolbox. In a study of 887 users of OMGYES, 95% said they experienced new kinds of pleasure that felt new to them, physically. That group included lots of people who consider themselves sex jedis. The truth is, we all have more to discover.

It would be wonderful if public institutions would give grants for research about pleasure! Unfortunately they never have and won't. So we have to charge something to pay for the ongoing research, production, and the salaries of an amazing team who produces and maintains OMGYES. Each set of content is a one-time payment, similar to buying a book. You pay once for a book but you can read it anytime forever. And some of the money goes toward that author making more books. All of you who find OMGYES valuable and important are funding this ongoing research and production and we thank you!

Good question! For Seasons 1 & 2, our research centered around vulva/vagina touch and was conducted with women who have vulvas. We recognize that not all women have vulvas & not all vulvas belong to women. Looking forward, we plan to integrate more and more of the experiences of all people and all genders into our content. In fact, we are in the beginning phases of research at the moment. For now, our content is useful to (and used by!) those with vulvas or whose partners have vulvas.

The women on OMGYES are regular people, not actors, who thought this information was important and courageously put themselves out there to benefit others. Their professions include literature professor, farmer, librarian, nurse, musician, biologist, student, teacher, surgeon, and more. They range in age from 20’s to 70’s and are from countries around the world.

When we put out a call for participants to appear on the site, we get thousands of applicants. Our production team chooses diverse, fun, relatable people who have personally had the breakthrough insights revealed by our research.

Yes, we conducted the first-ever, large-scale representative sample research on the specific kinds of sexual touch that are pleasurable. It’s the first because we've figured out a way to fund it, and it's powered by people like you. Thank you!

Here are some of our recent published articles:

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“OMG, Yes!”: Feasibility, Acceptability, and Preliminary Efficacy of an Online Intervention for Female Sexual Pleasure

Yes - we sell each season separately. That revenue is how we keep the research going and our staff paid! But you won't have to pay full price on future seasons.