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Interactive examples of design and features

Precise Terminology

Each pleasure-promoting technique from the research is given a comfortable, descriptive term that’s neither clinical, nor slang.

First Person Video Narratives

In short, frank interview videos, women of varying ages and backgrounds recount their own perspectives on that pleasure-promoting technique.


Indirect pleasure through surrounding skin

Avoiding the direct route

We know we don’t need to tell you this, but the clit is super sensitive. Often what feels best is to avoid touching the exposed part and move the layers of skin around it, instead.

The skin works sort of like a soft blanket—you move the blanket and the blanket nudges the clit and that feels pretty darn nice. There are lots of ways to do it - and they each feel very different.

Excerpt from the Layering chapter of

First Person Text Narratives

These quotations keep the pleasure-promoting technique descriptions rooted in first-person lived experience.

Statistics from the Nationally Representative Study

Prevalence statistics reinforce that these techniques are normal things to like and to ask for.

When Consistency Matters Most

The Approach to Orgasm

The minutes or seconds right before orgasm - called “the Approach” - is unique and fragile stage for many women when it’s easy to lose focus and lose the orgasm. This is where consistency is super important.

The Approach starts the moment you feel the orgasm starting to bubble up inside. For two-thirds of women, whatever motion is happening at that moment, that’s the motion to repeat until the orgasm is in full swing.

“The pleasure gets a sharper focus and I can tell the orgasm is on the horizon, that’s when everything needs to stay the same.”

of women prefer a consistent motion to reach orgasm

What It Feels Like - The Tightrope

“It’s kind of like being on a mental tightrope that’s going up and up—and consistency of the motion helps you stay balanced and stay on that tightrope. Any change to that motion—it shakes the tightrope—and you can fall off and lose the orgasm or else have a smaller, partial orgasm that’s kinda frustrating. I wish I’d always known that - so simple.”

“When I feel the orgasm is growing, it gets more intense but it’s so easy to jinx it. If my partner stops even for a second to reposition, then it goes away and we have to start over.”

Excerpt from the Consistency chapter of

Interactive Animated Diagrams

Moving animations show details of touch techniques and how they affect the anatomy. Visually comparing prevalent permutations of each technique, side-by-side, helps make the distinctions clear. (Click the play buttons below to see the motions)

Putting Pressure and Location Together

Pressure Gliding 1 in 2 women
Moving Skin 1 in 3 women
Firm Massage 1 in 10 women
Location Staying Away 1 in 20 women
least intense
Staying on the Hood 1 in 2 women
Off & On 1 in 4 women
Direct Hit 1 in 4 women
most intense

Excerpt from the Orbiting chapter of

Touch Demonstration Videos

Visually observing exactly how a given touch technique can be performed, as well as hearing a peer’s frank and positive description of how she personally manages the technique, are meant to scaffold a user’s ability to understand and confidently apply that technique themselves. (Click the video below to see an example)

Practice Touch Simulations

As the user touches a representation of the demonstrator’s vulva, they receive audio feedback and guidance in that woman’s own communication style. This is meant to allow the user to try the technique. But, more importantly, it bridges the gap between the abstract notion of partner communication and the reality of how people actually, verbally give and receive specific, in the moment partner feedback about genital touch.

Variation 1: Pausing, Going to Zero, and Rebuilding

35% of women who love edging use pause edging

With the pausing method, you completely stop all touch just before orgasm. When the feeling of impending orgasm is completely gone, you start over again from the beginning. This approach can take the longest but women who swear by it say that it leads to the most intense pleasure.

The break can be anywhere from a minute to a few hours, depending on what works best for you. When you start again, begin with initial warm-up, build-up and approach before stopping at the last moment again.

35% of women who love edging use pause edging

Heads up! This is a demonstration video, so it has explicit content. All of these videos are marked with this symbol in lower right:

Ok, let's go!
Ok, got it!

Watch a short demo from Edging (1:10)

Watch a short demo from Edging (1:10)

Amber shows you her style of Pause Edging

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You get to try the technique and hear different ways women guide partners.

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Then, Try it Yourself

Excerpt from the Edging chapter of

The complete list of topics included in the intervention


Indirect pleasure through surrounding skin


Passing by and only occasionally indulging


Styles of giving and reading feedback


Defying expectation to enhance pleasure


How pleasure is mostly between the ears


The million ways of circling the clit


Overcoming sensitivity to build multiple orgasms


Ways sensitivity changes over time


Bigger orgasm by approaching & denying


A well-timed, almost musical loop of motion


Keeping everything exactly the same


Extra attention to part of a motion

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