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Ever Wondered If Other Women Orgasm From Penetration?

Turns out, only 18% of them do.

And 43% of women spend years thinking there’s something wrong with them because they don’t orgasm from in-and-out penetration. But it’s totally normal.

Friction feels good and leads to orgasm for penises—but other techniques are most pleasurable and orgasmic for women when combined with penetration.

Hear from other women about their favorite techniques to add to penetration

Elle talks about her partner Staying In.


It’s just a slight adjustment in hip angle, but it increases pleasure for 85% of women.


Adding clitoral stimulation using a finger or vibrator leads to orgasm during penetration for 73% of women.

Staying In

Penetration that stays inside and grinds, instead of going in and out increases pleasure for 83% of women.

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