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In partnership with researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine, IU School of Public Health and The Kinsey Institute, we asked over 21,000 women, ages 18-95, what discoveries, insights and techniques made their sexual pleasure better.

  • Over 3000 one-on-one interviews
  • Surveys with over 15,000 women
  • Two nationally representative studies with over 4,000 more women

By asking and gathering the discoveries of tens of thousands, shared patterns emerged, revealing previously unrecognized truths about what feels good and why. Specific and practical strategies that had existed only as vague ideas.

Each round of research culminates in both a published scientific journal article and a ‘Season’ of online content. Each Season has:

  • Over 60 short videos of women whose preferences are emblematic of each major research finding. They share and demonstrate from experience in frank, honest videos, making the insights relatable and practical.
  • Dozens of graphics and visualizations revealing nuances that had been unseeable.
  • Statistics from the research that reinforce how normal each preference really is.
  • Comfortable, descriptive words for techniques that had gone nameless - enabling more clarity and communication.

There are currently two seasons released: Season 1, focusing mostly on clitoral pleasure, and Season 2, focusing mostly on pleasure during penetration.

OMGyes is not a subscription site. Rather, it's a one-time-fee of {{priceData.price_series_original_display}} for permanent access to a Season like buying a book you keep forever.

Each person who buys a Season of OMGyes is helping fund the next rounds of research and content. These research and content initiatives include:

  • A free-to-access site about ways people who have experienced sexual trauma/abuse re-find pleasure and intimacy
  • A free-to-access site about ways FGM / FGC survivors find pleasure
  • Seasons about techniques with sex toys, pleasure in menopause, men’s pleasure, trans pleasure and more

OMGyes is for women, men and couples. Anyone who is curious about exploring the latest science and making a good thing even better. OMGyes is translated into 12 languages.

In 2018, scientists at Indiana University School of Medicine gave OMGyes to 1,000 people, ages 18-83, to see how it affected them. Here’s some of what they found and are currently turning into a paper:

  • 95% of women users and 92% of male/partner users realized there’s a wider range of ways for women to find pleasure than they had thought existed
  • 96% realized there’s more room for their pleasure to grow
  • 95% said hearing wisdom from women of a variety of ages made them more hopeful and optimistic about pleasure over their lifetimes
  • 90% of female users discovered new ways to give themselves sexual pleasure
  • 80% of male/partner users discovered new things about their partner’s sexual pleasure
  • 81% discovered new ways to guide their partners so their touch is more pleasurable
  • 95% experienced pleasure in a way that felt new to them, physically
  • 70% reported more pleasurable orgasms
  • 66% of couples felt significantly happier in their relationships
  • 52% of couples felt significantly more emotionally connected to their partners
  • There were also significant net increases in optimism, confidence, actively contributing to the happiness and well-being of others and speaking up and sharing ideas more in work, school, social, family and relationship situations.
Read more about the study here

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