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OMGYes is a sexual pleasure research website. After conducting research with more than 2,000 women, ages 18-95, we created a website where real people - not actors - share their stories and demonstrate their techniques. Then, users get the chance to actually practice and receive feedback along the way, through touchable simulations.

OMGYes is for women, men, and couples who are curious about how to achieve even more sexual pleasure, stronger relationships, more conversations, and better orgasms. Our study shows that couples who regularly explore new ways to increase pleasure are 5 times more likely to be happier in their relationships, and 12 times more likely to be sexually satisfied!

Founding Story

Founders Rob Perkins and Lydia Daniller

Founders Rob Perkins and Lydia Daniller

Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins started OMGYes after a decades-long friendship. A lesbian and a straight guy, the two met in college where conversations about sex led to a realization: in an era that's seemingly so progressive, women's sexual pleasure is still incredibly taboo. There didn’t even seem to be words for the specific things women find pleasurable. They looked for resources and were saddened to find out that even academics and scientists hadn’t researched the details. What started as a series of interviews grew beyond their expectations as so many women were eager to share their stories and insights. Prominent sexologists and researchers joined, excited to study what had never been studied before. Four years later, with 10+ employees in San Francisco, the project is going live - combining film, technology and the first hard data of its kind.

Media & Downloads

Media & Downloads

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Zoey Knees
Product Photography
Season One
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Alba Talking
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Zoey Profile
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Zoey Talking
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