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What is OMGYES?

OMGYES is the leading evidence-based resource about women's sexual pleasure, with over 750,000 users. It's a website (not an app) that provides practical physical, communication and psychological techniques from our groundbreaking peer-reviewed, published research about the range of what feels good for women and why. It feels honest, warm and helpful. Zero sultriness. Giving detail without ever feeling clinical.

Designed For Impact

A Journal of Sex Research article reported that using OMGYES creates significant, large-effect size increases in

  • sexual self-knowledge
  • sexual agency
  • sexual communication
  • pleasure and orgasm, both solo and with partners.

We Support You In Your Mission To Provide Evidence-Based Help To Your Clients

Counters Maladaptive Beliefs

Many hold misinformed understandings of anatomy, kinds of touch that are pleasurable, and how to guide partners. OMGYES replaces these with truths simply by watching short videos of women sharing these realizations they wish they'd had sooner.

A Comfortable Lexicon

The language available for sex acts is either clinical or slang. OMGYES provides clear, descriptive terms for each type of touch and type of preference. This enables not only a more clear self-understanding but also a new basis for communication.

Provides a Framework for Couples

Couples treat OMGYES like a menu of the ways women vary. The format removes judgement, conflict and ambiguity. Women can point and say, 'I think I like these four things' or 'I agree with this woman here,' and clearly convey preferences, often for the first time.

OMGYES Combines Learning Modalities:

Short Videos

The centerpiece is short videos of women of all ages and body types who volunteered to be on the site because they felt so strongly this information needs to be out there. This video is playable - click play.


Indirect pleasure through surrounding skin

Avoiding the direct route

We know we don’t need to tell you this, but the clit is super sensitive. Often what feels best is to avoid touching the exposed part and move the layers of skin around it, instead.

The skin works sort of like a soft blanket—you move the blanket and the blanket nudges the clit and that feels pretty darn nice. There are lots of ways to do it - and they each feel very different.

Excerpt from the Layering chapter of

Putting Pressure and Location Together

Pressure Gliding 1 in 2 women
Moving Skin 1 in 3 women
Firm Massage 1 in 10 women
Location Staying Away 1 in 20 women
least intense
Staying on the Hood 1 in 2 women
Off & On 1 in 4 women
Direct Hit 1 in 4 women
most intense

Excerpt from the Layering chapter of

Animated Diagrams

Moving line-drawings make the subtle variations clear. Click a play button to see one.

Data That Normalizes

40% of American women went for years thinking something was wrong with them because they don't orgasm from penetration. That feeling of being broken dissolves away with this simple statistic. And that sense of relief can often precipitate new openness to learning the techniques women like them have discovered to include clitoral stimulation during penetration.


Giving the clitoris extra pleasure during penetration

18% of women have had orgasms from penetration on its own

73% have orgasms with clitoral stimulation at the same time

40% of women went for years thinking there was something wrong with them because they didn't orgasm from just penetration

Excerpt from the Pairing chapter of


Heads up! This is a demonstration video, so it has explicit content. All of these videos are marked with this symbol:

Ok, let's go!
Ok, got it!

Diana shows her style of Double Circles

Excerpt from the Orbiting chapter of

Show-and-Tell Videos

These more explicit videos are optional. Women talk viewers through the specifics of a technique as they show exactly what they mean on their own bodies. Many of these discoveries only really become clear when one actually sees them, up close. And because the women are sharing as they would to a friend, these videos are surprisingly comfortable to people after a minute or so.

The 25 Techniques Inside OMGYES:



Indirect pleasure through surrounding skin


Passing by and only occasionally indulging


Styles of giving and receiving feedback


Defying expectation to enhance pleasure


How pleasure is between the ears


The many ways of circling the clit


Overcoming sensitivity to build multiple orgasms


Ways sensitivity changes over time


Bigger orgasm by approaching & denying


A well-timed, almost musical loop of motion


Keeping everything exactly the same


Extra attention to part of a motion

Inner Pleasure


The joys of touch just inside the opening


Clitoral attention during penetration


Adjusting hips to direct the pressure


Staying inside rather than thrusting


Wider pressure and grinding


New kinds of pleasure behind the walls


Activating muscles to heighten pleasure


Using your lungs as a sex organ


Making touch feel new, over and over


Pleasure through stretch & fullness


New insights about a misunderstood topic


Pleasure from spots in the far reaches

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Whats Next?

We are just beginning to identify the how’s and why’s behind sexual pleasure and are currently researching and making resources focused on other historically neglected topics, including:

  • Pleasure during pregnancy, postpartum and in menopause
  • Exploring and re-discovering pleasure after trauma/abuse
  • Pleasure for men/people with penises
  • Gender-diverse pleasure

Who Uses OMGYES and How?

People with Vulvas use the site to find words for what they like, ways to adjust what they like to be even more pleasurable, and new things they didn’t even know they’d like.

Couples, Together, watch OMGYES like they’d watch a show together, as a touchstone of mutual curiosity, exploration and inspiration to make a great thing even better.

Men and Partners use the site to gain unfiltered insight into the range of ways to give pleasure, read signals and empathize with their partners.

Anyone Curious about the latest science of pleasure watches OMGYES like one heck of an interactive nature documentary.

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