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Explore New Ways to Increase Women's Pleasure

Discover How The Science Behind Women's Pleasure is Making a Good Thing Even Better

Explore the specific ways women increase sexual pleasure through refreshingly honest videos - no blushing, no shame.

A Wonderful Shift is Happening

We finally have the openness and research to take a clear-headed look at the many nuances of women's sexual pleasure. It's about time! The taboo isn't helping anybody.

Imagine Having Increased Sexual Pleasure, Stronger Relationships, and Better Orgasms

Whether you’re alone or with a partner, OMGyes will give you new techniques to discover what works best for you… and the confidence to use them.

Based On

published research we conducted in partnership with scientists from Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute

Season 2

is coming soon: a new round of topics you're going to love (we'll email Season 1 owners when it's ready!)

Designed For

women, men and couples. It's myth-busting and eye-opening for anyone who cares about women's pleasure

I wish it had been around longer. Definitely check it out.
— Emma Watson
Remarkable and useful... marvelously in-depth... for couples, women and men.
Genius... the world's first and only large scale research into ways women orgasm... It feels genuinely engaging. There's no judgement or shame, just straight up information.
It seems a bit odd at first. But you soon realise that this only feels strange because we are so unused to seeing women talking frankly and naturally about their desires and bodies.