Myths and truths about Women's pleasure

We’ve all been living with a lot of information about sex that’s outdated, incomplete, or just plain untrue.

At OMGyes, we’re combining research with open conversations about sex to find all the overlooked truths and brand new discoveries about women’s pleasure. Here are some common myths, and what our research tells us.

Myth: Most women orgasm from in-and-out penetration on its own


Turns out, only 18% do. (That’s only 1 in 5 of us!)

And 43% of women spend years thinking there’s something wrong with them because they don’t orgasm from just penetration. But it’s totally normal.

The truth is that other techniques—beyond just in-and-out friction—are most pleasurable and orgasmic for women. Pairing them with penetration can make all the difference.

Kate talks about the pairing techniques that are gamechangers for her.

Myth: Sexual pleasure declines as women get older, especially at menopause.


Menopause may change some things, but it is not a decline or an end.

Older women have more experience and have discovered more of what they like—which often means they have more pleasure, not less.

Plus, as we get older, new erogenous zones and new types of touch become pleasurable, so there’s even more to discover!

Valerie tells us about exciting new types of pleasure she’s discovering post-menopause

Myth: If you haven’t had multiple orgasms before, you can’t.


Because the clit gets super-sensitive right after orgasm— and what felt good before might even hurt afterward— it’s easy to think that maybe multiple orgasms aren’t for you.

But it turns out that for many women, starting over—as if they’re discovering what they like for the first time—is the key to more orgasms after the first one.

Lee shares her experience with multiple orgasms

Go beyond the myths, discover the collective wisdom of over 20,000 women

We talk to women every day about sex. And every day, we learn new things that amaze us.

In interviews and surveys, women have shared the best ways they’ve discovered to build pleasure, and to guide partners. Some of the techniques they’ve shown us didn’t even have names before!

We can’t wait to show you more.

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