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How It Works

You'll explore the latest science about what feels good and why - through fun, honest videos. Get more understanding, more pleasure and tools for even happier relationships.

About the research

In partnership with researchers at Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute, we’ve conducted thousands of in-depth interviews and the first-ever large-scale, peer-reviewed and published studies about techniques for women’s pleasure.

What we found was that there are shared insights and techniques that enhance pleasure for the vast majority of women. We made OMGYES to share these insights with the world in a way that’s personal and practical.

Debby Herbenick, PhD, Professor at Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute

You’ll explore these practical pleasure techniques: (many didn’t even have names before our research!)



Indirect pleasure through surrounding skin


Passing by and only occasionally indulging


Styles of giving and receiving feedback


Defying expectation to enhance pleasure


How pleasure is between the ears


The many ways of circling the clit


Overcoming sensitivity to build multiple orgasms


Ways sensitivity changes over time


Bigger orgasm by approaching & denying


A well-timed, almost musical loop of motion


Keeping everything exactly the same


Extra attention to part of a motion

Inner Pleasure


The joys of touch just inside the opening


Clitoral attention during penetration


Adjusting hips to direct the pressure


Staying inside rather than thrusting


Wider pressure and grinding


New kinds of pleasure behind the walls


Activating muscles to heighten pleasure


Using your lungs as a sex organ


Making touch feel new, over and over


Pleasure through stretch & fullness


New insights about a misunderstood topic


Pleasure from spots in the far reaches

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Pay once for a collection and access it forever, like buying a book. Plus, your contribution goes on to fund future pleasure research.

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Season 1


Practical techniques to enhance clitoral pleasure, solo or as a couple. 60 short videos, 11 simulations and 16 interactive graphics.



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Season 1 & 2

Essentials + Inner Pleasure

The original plus practical techniques to enhance pleasure with inner stimulation and penetration, solo or as a couple. 168 videos, 11 simulations, and 50 interactive graphics.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Any purchase on OMGYES is a one-time charge. There are no subscriptions, so no need to ever cancel anything. You make a one-time payment for a collection of OMGYES content and it’s yours forever to access as much as you want. And your contribution helps fund the next waves of research on sexual pleasure.

Thanks to all the support so far, we’re now researching men’s pleasure, pleasure in menopause, trans pleasure and lots more in the pipeline.

Yes. OMGYES is for anybody who cares about women’s sexual pleasure and wants to explore it even more. Both women and men use the site. Some use it alone, some use it together as a couple.

Some people have binged all of OMGYES in a weekend. But we recommend going through one topic per week, so you can really have time to explore and apply it all.

It’s great as together-time for a couple or for a group of friends - like watching a tv-show together and chatting about it after.

We listened to lots of OMGYES users to find the sweet spot of being in-depth but not too long--something fun you look forward to, not a task. It turns out shorter videos are better than long ones. So we try to keep each video to under 4 minutes.

Gosh, we really hope nobody died.

We’re not claiming to be experts — we believe that the collective wisdom of thousands is stronger than any one person's opinion.

We are, however, the first and only ones conducting large-scale, nationally representative scientific research about the specifics of touch and sexual pleasure. The techniques on the site come directly from this research with over 20,000 women.

Great question.

The taboo that makes people uncomfortable seeing women’s anatomy is the same one that has kept women’s pleasure so secret for so long. That’s the taboo we’re trying to get rid of. We think people are ready for an honest, clear-headed look at the details that make all the difference.

Subtle variations in pressure or angle or consistency actually feel really different. What one woman calls a ‘circular motion on the clit’ could actually hurt for another woman who also likes a ‘circular motion on the clit.’ You really do have to get up close and actually see what the variations are — and why they feel so different.

We also publish our research findings in academic journals, too. But research papers are pretty dry and this site is our way of making the findings practical, relatable and fun to explore for busy people. Our first batch of research was published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, and we have more scientific publications in the works.

It would be wonderful if public institutions would give grants for research about pleasure! Unfortunately they never have and won't. So we have to charge something to pay for the ongoing research, production, and the salaries of an amazing team who produces and maintains OMGYES. Each set of content is a one-time payment, similar to buying a book. You pay once for a book but you can read it anytime forever. And some of the money goes toward that author making more books. All of you who find OMGYES valuable and important are funding this ongoing research and production and we thank you!

OMGYES isn’t about the basics. Most of the techniques and ways to intensify pleasure that we’re presenting had literally never been researched before. You’ll explore new things to try, new perspectives on things you do already, and get more tools for your toolbox. In a study of 887 users of OMGYES, 95% said they experienced new kinds of pleasure that felt new to them, physically. That group included lots of people who consider themselves sex jedis. The truth is, we all have more to discover.

Lots! One user wrote in and said that he learned all the things that worked best in bed from a really open partner who turned the lights on, showed him in detail what worked for her, and let him practice until it was really clear. OMGYES is kind of like that. So you get a practical, specific understanding of the wide range of what feels good and why.

Firstly, women write in to us all the time saying they've never had an orgasm and asking if something's wrong with them. We always make sure to first tell them that our research shows only 18% of women have orgasms from penetration. So if they haven't had an orgasm from penetration, that's not only normal, they're in the majority.

Second, thinking too much about an orgasm as a goal can actually get in the way of pleasure, and even prevent an orgasm from happening!

Third, lots of women don't and won't have what's conventionally described as an orgasm and still have really wonderful and fulfilling sex lives. The biggest hurdle they talk about is realizing they don't need to live up to someone else's concept of what their pleasure should be.

The focus of OMGYES content is pleasure - not orgasms. Here's a great article about using OMGYES from the perspective of someone who doesn't have orgasms. And here's an article about someone who used OMGYES as part of a journey to her first orgasm.

OMGYES Season 1 is now called Essentials. And Season 2 is called Inner Pleasure. Why the change? Because we're doing so much research and making so much more content in the future that the season numbering system isn't going to work out. It's far better if the name on the spine of a book refers to what the book's about.

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